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Mission statement

  1. The mission and philosophy of the No Limits Football Club is to establish a positive environment of continuous improvement in developing the self esteem, personal growth, pride, character and well being of all its athletes, coaches and volunteers.
  2. To establish and provide Varsity level of football competition for the Hastings, Prince Edward and Northumberland Counties with its said purposes of following the principles and guidelines set out by the Ontario Summer Football League; “To provide players, ages 19 and under who reside in Ontario, the opportunity to play football where their skills will be upgraded and opportunities provided to continue their football career’s through education or junior football.”
  3. To provide elite training and the best coaching possible at the best facilities available to us at a competitive and fair price.
  4. Through mentoring and leadership initiatives, we will help our athletes become positive role models not only on the football field, but within our families, classrooms and communities, now and in the future.
  5. Provide a platform for local athletes to be showcased for future possibilities at the next level, ie CIS, NCAA & Jr. Football programs.
  6. To be a community and family inside and outside of the organization